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Hello world!

a first generation entrepreneur born in Coimbatore, India. From age 13 till date, I’ve started over 10 businesses of which over 70% failed. Consulted for two multi-million dollar businesses producing $m+ in profits.

Recognized as Icon of Coimbatore and featured in the Business Line, Deccan Chronicle, Times of India, I speak university events motivating young wanna-do entrepreneurs.

Out of curiosity, I read Economics (specific to Development Economics), Growth Hacking, Start-ups, Management Consulting, Philosophy, Mysticism and get thrilled interacting with like-minded chaps. more…

Demystifying Wealth – Article 1: Objective Aim, Actuals, Myth, Terms

It always stood in my fascination to understand wealth – wealth of individuals, communities, nations, and the fabric of what undoubtedly drives the whole world’s action. Well no, I guess – human’s action. Our earth does include plants, animals, trees, fundamental elements, and much more. We’re probably a fraction of the existence & not just the center-point of the entire universe.

Investor wealth jumps Rs 4.65 lakh crore as markets recover - The ...
Image Source: Economic times

A wild elephant, or a bird untouched by human thought – would work for money? Not really.

Fav Quotes

Top Quotes I’d like you to recall today [some of which I came up with and recall often]:


Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.

Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live. [You] The influence of social reality on the “definition” itself will be proportional to the level of unfulfilment/incompleteness it creates.

I have seen many storms in my life.

Philanthropy – my commitment and an obligation

Note: Half-baked article, 20 minute read (probably more, with citations)

Ever since the evolution of man-kind, it has been a traditional virtue and part of almost all of the cultures/ religious traditions to practice Altruism.

Efficacy of act’s of philanthropy has been a subject of my keen interest for a long time now. So digging little deep, in this blogpost

  1. What I have done?

    Well, nothing! All of what is below is negligible and trail/error.

Psychology – Wiki Reads

In an attempt to integrate my reads, I present here my all-time favorite wiki-reads

My take on, What should men know-by age 22?

Here’s my take and the list of 6 most-important aspects I’d stick to. Note: This answer is a 10-15 minute attentive read.

1. Realize

A great portion of people deal with their lives the way it accidentally happens, for the most part its just unconscious. Only sometimes, they try and deviate from what’s on the way and exercise any control upon it.  This puts people under what they term as distress (a big made-up mental burden). Then the “emotions” are directly false-attributed to unpaid bills, debt,

on yoga day


on raising awareness as consumers of this planets resources sharing one precious home, my 2-minute read on yoga

My innate flexibility introduced me into the world of yoga, at my middle school winning me an array of accolades, recognition and prizes wherever I competed. Post-that, what has just continued as an occasional practice to keep myself healthy has touched me in it’s holistic form in my recent self-exploration trips brining within, the experience of the self.

Functioning like rush-machines, we have to remember that our own physical inactivity is linked with most of the chronic diseases (causing deaths) worldwide.

on Information and Widespread Criticism

With the resurgence in resources, activist mindset among the youth – it is important that we drive their attention toward issues of utmost importance directed through clear and unbiased information.

Criticism concerning politics, environment, social welfare, leftism, right wing, governance and economy is often misinformed, misunderstood and misplaced activism baring probably a few rare experiences or situations. Sometimes, driven and fabricated by opposition. Especially in WhatsApp! This not only inflicts negativity in the activist crowd (Why do I care mentality), but is aiding the distortion of realty.

I wish that each one of you pass unbiased information that will serve a purpose.

life views & spirituality

Meditative self-enquiry & views on

  1. Success
    1. Our financial objectives, and goals to make money by conducting business is commonly found in aspiring/enterprising individuals. While the definition of success in our perspective is largely surrounding economics, I am eased to take the opportunity to share the thought process/path that self-exploration has led me toward. 
    2. There could be no higher accomplishment than leading a joyful/ecstatic life in the “short time” while we’re alive. This is a journey where I compare my state of existence to our own past self.

Happy Republic Day, India!

Happy Republic Day!

My Letter, a 5 minute read:

This day marks the 67th year from when we were honored the right to justice, liberty, equality and fraternity as a constitution.

As a nation, India will soon represent close to 1/5th of the humanity. On this day, I would like to renew my commitment to reach out to the unprivileged of our nation and take us a step closer to what we were honored. I am particularly interested in skill development and empowering the rural youth.

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Happy Republic Day, India!

Happy Republic Day! My Letter, a 5 ...

life views & spirituality

Meditative self-enquiry & views on Success ...

on Information and Widespread Criticism

With the resurgence in resources, activist ...

on yoga day

  on raising awareness as consumers of ...