on yoga day


on raising awareness as consumers of this planets resources sharing one precious home, my 2-minute read on yoga

My innate flexibility introduced me into the world of yoga, at my middle school winning me an array of accolades, recognition and prizes wherever I competed. Post-that, what has just continued as an occasional practice to keep myself healthy has touched me in it’s holistic form in my recent self-exploration trips brining within, the experience of the self.

Functioning like rush-machines, we have to remember that our own physical inactivity is linked with most of the chronic diseases (causing deaths) worldwide. Psychological craving/longing is taking more and more of them in the direction of chemical influencers, therapy and drugs. Yoga may be an end to the psychological and physiological resistance and friction we’re confronted with in our busy lives. With the continuous practice of yoga and a regular inquiry in to the role of your senses you can not only live healthy but also stay at peace with yourself, blissed out in absolute control. For those that are skeptical – the practice of yoga, and the philosophy of the teaching is completely is in accordance to logical sensing and scientific reasoning. With no doubt, things that have drenched me in doubt and worry including fear, anger, anxiety, stress, loneliness, negativity, boredom to me have all become a thing of the past. May yoga lead you from clutter to calmness, reaction to action, unawareness to absolute consciousness, self-pity to bliss and hatred to love for everyone.

While raising our awareness as consumers of this planetary resources as a life form, it is time that we strive to live in unity with fellow human beings without distinction for faith, gender, community, wealth, intellectual abilities, choices (or) sexual orientation. This unity will bring-forth peace within yourself.

Yoga has been devised to touch every aspect of human longing and aspiration. For those who wish to get a glimpse of it, refer “yoga sutras”. In this day, I urge every one of you to consider practicing yoga everyday, (and not just one day a year) to unlock the doors of unity, joy and health! As a regular practitioner, I am open to guide you in the direction of yoga as you may find to be fit. While you start to explore from within and be the change-agent of your own self,

Let us celebrate this day and create a world of true dignity, peace and opportunity for all.

Love and pride,


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