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on yoga day


on raising awareness as consumers of this planets resources sharing one precious home, my 2-minute read on yoga

My innate flexibility introduced me into the world of yoga, at my middle school winning me an array of accolades, recognition and prizes wherever I competed. Post-that, what has just continued as an occasional practice to keep myself healthy has touched me in it’s holistic form in my recent self-exploration trips brining within, the experience of the self.

Functioning like rush-machines, we have to remember that our own physical inactivity is linked with most of the chronic diseases (causing deaths) worldwide.

life views & spirituality

Meditative self-enquiry & views on

  1. Success
    1. Our financial objectives, and goals to make money by conducting business is commonly found in aspiring/enterprising individuals. While the definition of success in our perspective is largely surrounding economics, I am eased to take the opportunity to share the thought process/path that self-exploration has led me toward. 
    2. There could be no higher accomplishment than leading a joyful/ecstatic life in the “short time” while we’re alive. This is a journey where I compare my state of existence to our own past self.