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  1. Success
    1. Our financial objectives, and goals to make money by conducting business is commonly found in aspiring/enterprising individuals. While the definition of success in our perspective is largely surrounding economics, I am eased to take the opportunity to share the thought process/path that self-exploration has led me toward. 
    2. There could be no higher accomplishment than leading a joyful/ecstatic life in the “short time” while we’re alive. This is a journey where I compare my state of existence to our own past self. I need not compare us against anybody else, I guess. 
    3. The benefit of death, Steve Jobs said, is you know not to waste life living someone else’s choices. To me, this does not just mean working for someone else on something that you’re uncomfortable with. It is even worse, if I make myself slip into fear, anxiety, suffering and distress particularly being extremely privileged having been fortunate with material life. 
    4. True success is in being control of our self or the master. In our ability to control our state of mind, our energy, our body and our actions. On the material level, we call this “mindfulness” which is gaining significance in the west. 
    5. When I am truly successful, it doesn’t mean – I will be sitting around, meditating and doing nothing. State of existence is not the goal, it’s the most basic thing. What I am doing need not change, just how I am doing. It may take a few days to get a “better picture” of life and who I am. Just that, I function several folds more efficient than before when I am mentally free of distortions. 
  2. Our Choices/Current State
    1. I then ask, why is this not practiced by most even though it sounds fundamentally easy in words. 
    2. For the most part, all of us do things due to social Influence. Much of our time is spent worrying about the past (or) being fearful of the uncertain future. We all would like to accumulate wealth, have a good name/fame, and exercise our greed to establish superiority over fellow humans. It is just the want of pride and egotism, wealth and wellbeing. 
    3. We know that when we do things necessary we could accomplish things that happen outside us(like money, material success, etc). But unless we look inward, the situation of being “subject to suffering” can never be overcome.  
    4. Want of Pride, Wealth and Wellbeing
      1. The wants have to come consciously. If it happens mindfully, it shouldn’t make our state of mind dependent on the material eventful happenings.
      2. Our mental state shouldn’t be “fragile” enough to just enjoy a few moments and slip into whatever state the situations lead us into. 
      3. Right now, situations and life events are shaping us every moment and every day. They may not be expert sculptors.  If someone is put among 10 good people who are kind, and act within the boundaries, then we turn into somewhat happy & positive human beings. But the same person if brought into a tiring, hurtful circumstance – he’d want to run away.
      4. We must gain control over ourselves right now and be our own sculptors, to experience bliss. Embracing a conscious life will lead us to craft our activities in an enriching way leading us in our path toward success.
    5. Why everyone are stuck with this material lure?
      1. Identifiable reasons: Social Realty, Unconscious Evolution of Life (just doing things to meet the immediate needs). 
      2. Most of our preferences and choices come from our own past experiences and accumulation. Much of the heuristic decision making is influenced by the social realty (looking at what’s held with high regard in the society, and what everybody else are running after). We cannot rely on our intellect to make our lives enriching. 
    6. Every religion has evolved to emphasize rightful living, manifest the divinity and awaken the power from within. Worship of god is supposed to bring about generosity, conscious thought (throughout) and liberation from “maya”. Maya – unreal things that which exist in us. What’s not real that exists in us? Fear, Suffering, Anxiety, Stress, Suffering and what not! 
      1. I am not a proponent/believer of any defined organized religion. I neither believe nor doubt anything that I do not know. I don’t compare either. It’s neither our right nor our necessity to establish superiority over someone else (especially when we do not know). Whatever that could fundamentally be established in our own selves – is in a lot of cases advocated by world religions. 
    7. Childish minds jump into conclusions and comparisons, fight against each other, be-willing to exhibit superiority, power and greed. Corrupt thoughts prevalent today weren’t intended by any messengers (seers, saints or prophets). While the existence of such things are undeniable, I set back to “first” work on enriching my own experience. Well, how do we know what’s not enriching. What’s going around in the world that makes us disturbed definitely is not enriching!
    8. Different people may have different level of skill and ability to win the outside circumstances, as many things come into play. But every one of us I guess can arise from within and keep this sunshine. The difference between those who are liberated and those who are not, is just by “choice”.
      1. Being in control of our mindset. I refer to the quality of mental processes as a whole. Elevating and arising from within to achieve ecstasy is a finite possibility. 
  3. Life
    1. “Whatever is optimal and sufficient to meet the immediate goals” turns into life itself. This is unconscious way of life. Our happy days, weeks, months and years contribute to a successful life we lead. Our minutes, seconds lead to the day. 
    2. That which is in our “thought” right now is a piece of what we can call our life. Your life experience, energy, state of mind throughout the day contributes to how well a life is led. Sensible definition of how well a life is led, could only be brought down to our own “self-experience”.
    3. Gita says “We never brought anything to this world, nor would take anything from here! Whatever we have now is taken from here. We never brought anything to lose it. What did we lose, that we are suffering for? What’s ours today will be someone else’s tomorrow and a different one the day after. “
    4. Material things lost can be found. But there is one thing that can never be found when it is lost – Life (I mean “time”). We have two options. Often, humans lose their lives altogether in just performing activities that are sufficient for the immediate goals. Defined immediate goals are skewed by false perception and social realty. It’s simply a “myth we make up” to convince our day-to-day activity (which is fragile and makes one vulnerable). 
    5. Does this mean, we have to sit simple and just be blissful?
      1. While that’s certainly an option that Buddha, Prophets, Saints and Seers have pursued for the most part, in todays life floating in the material lure – people are having to inevitably spend a lot of time doing things before the reality strikes them (that also only the few get to taste the nectar of divine love). We must understand that, no single seer or prophet claimed to be god himself. They have all just attained god realization and unity with the one.  The universal truth is one and the same. 
        1. Almost all religions I have learned and observed terms god to be omnipresent, invisible and the highest form of energy governing the actions in this world. A deity is not a god, neither is a saint nor Jesus. 
      2. The objective and effort of every single religion in the planet was to bring about harmony and peace in peoples lives, to educate people on overcoming suffering and attain the state of bliss living in alignment with mother nature. 
    6. What to do then?
      1. When you’re joyful and ecstatic, whatever it is that you do – there’ll be power in it. There will be positivity in it and you will craft it in a way that you succeed from it. 
  4. I am under a death sentence. Period
    1. Whichever stage in life we are at right now, with time, we will face the day when the curtain comes down. We all are after-all going to die. Ain’t it?
    2. It turns out that, our passing away is inevitable. This makes it extremely important to lead a life that’s enriching. Well, how do we know if something is enriching?
      1. Any activity in life that makes me generous and happy from within – can be enriching. Immediately, these will largely be eventful situations where I am attentive. Shortly there-after, 
      2. What I may find rigid with, I may not experience immediate joy but “just peace” (which is a good start). 
      3. Sutra’s say “Regular inquiry into the role of senses only can make you aware of what happens within you when you’re joyful. Then I may replicate the same once you know it and arise from within. “
  5. Maybe one day
    1. I’ll slowly see things with clarity and things as they are! I would not compare, term somebody as better, or worse. We’d slash the importance to greed, self thought, wealth accumulation into half. 
    2. Be completely away from fear, anxiety, stress or anything closely negative. They be alien to me and look like a self-made illusion which really it is. 
    3. Become truly benevolent of fellow living beings, nature & other humans (part of living beings though). Especially the existential wellbeing (mental) of the humans more than material!  
    4. I’ve known me, seen me for quite a few years now. My whole spiritual exercise that just started as an experiment is now truly a journey. What once sounded retarded to me, is what I pursue. My views and life perspectives have all taken a big shift,. I would not like to impose anything on myself. But my whole journey is all about the experience, it is for all of us too. 
    5. Maybe tears will burst out of ecstasy in me, time and time again. Trael into the real subtle form and gain mastery over the physical presence. 
    6. This is not a ticket to the god, not breaking science/conflicting religion, and not a miracle. But just, a solution to handle my life energies and emotions effectively I re-iterate, it stands in my moral imperative to lead a life that’s rich and joyful. It’s actually “totally possible” (if I attempt). 

May this lead you’all toward liberation

Indebted to
Swami Satchithananda, Ramana Maharishi, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Patanjali, Tirumula, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and countless other life works of the realized that inspire & continue to inspire my spiritual thought ever since it occur justifying my self-inquiry & existential action


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