Happy Republic Day, India!

Happy Republic Day!

My Letter, a 5 minute read:

This day marks the 67th year from when we were honored the right to justice, liberty, equality and fraternity as a constitution.

As a nation, India will soon represent close to 1/5th of the humanity. On this day, I would like to renew my commitment to reach out to the unprivileged of our nation and take us a step closer to what we were honored. I am particularly interested in skill development and empowering the rural youth. I invite you all to work in whatever ways you can to bridge the gap in the nation and get all of us a step closer toward equal access to opportunities. Through this message, I would like to extend financial support and resource assistance to the fullest of my capacity to anyone working for it. Let us work together to better India, better humanity!

Its good to know a little bit about what we were. Speaking of the past, I need not refer to the nations history, literature and intellect dating back 10,000 years or more (Refer: Lothal, Pre Harappa, Poompuhar Port, Sangam etc). Just about 250 years ago, we controlled ~25% of the world economic output and was the center-point for culture, architecture and skill. This was just right before we were looted, radically violated, massacred, brutally damaged psychologically and before our societies were completely undermined due to being a colony. Much of the racial, ethnic separation that’s prevalent even today came as a direct result of colonization. I refer to and salute the thousands of heroes who had to fight for decades sparing their lives to get us the free nation we sit in (Jai Hind!). A lot more and the rest is just history, that I do not prefer digging into.

At this time, we have to realize that the “greatness” of our country is “not” in referring to its glorious past, but in the kind of future we’re aspiring to create.

Right now, there is a visible resurgence in resources, energy and ability. It is important to realize that, every one of our progress and wellbeing is of paramount importance for a better India. It is each one of us that posses the power to make it happen, when we work to the fullest of our potential.

Come, let us weave history and make future happen the way we want!

With love and pride,


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