Demystifying Wealth – Article 1: Objective Aim, Actuals, Myth, Terms

It always stood in my fascination to understand wealth – wealth of individuals, communities, nations, and the fabric of what undoubtedly drives the whole world’s action. Well no, I guess – human’s action. Our earth does include plants, animals, trees, fundamental elements, and much more. We’re probably a fraction of the existence & not just the center-point of the entire universe.

Investor wealth jumps Rs 4.65 lakh crore as markets recover - The ...
Image Source: Economic times

A wild elephant, or a bird untouched by human thought – would work for money? Not really. Can I be like a bird & just fly? I wish. Money, money, money – here I come!

Innumerable questions related to wealth occur, at times of travel – times of deep pondering & I guess it’s time to dig deep into each one of them. Time for questions, that led to this idea of this summarization,

  1. Basis
    • Fundamental: Why is somebody rich? someone else poor?
      • God is unfair, isn’t it? Well, not really. It is us, human beings who made it the way we are.
    • How is a particular nation (or) a society so organized, people well fed whereas a large group of people (yes almost 50% of the humanity) struggle for their next meal?
      • Is the world the way we structured, partisan for the wealthy?
    • Who came up with money? Yes? The idea of money.
    • History of wealth & Wealth of nations.
      • A look into the history of wealth, wealth of nations, and how wealth impacted livelihoods of communities and societies of the past
      • Nations? Why? Well, nature doesn’t know nations. Nations are man-made boundaries of different geographies.
    • Co-relation of wealth & wellbeing (prosperity)
    • Wealth & Progress, What does progress mean?
    • Future of Money
  2.  Aim
    • Establish an idea, knowledge & understanding to arrive at actuals & come to terms with wealth, the way it is.
    • Clear biases that arise due to history, nationality, ascribed views, populist social opinions, social relevance of wealth, etc
    • With that understanding, hold myself accountable, execute businesses & conduct philanthropy in a way that’s most sensible.
  3. Terms
    1. GDP, Nominal, PPP, Market Economy & Free Market, Supply & Demand, and some other blah blah



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