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Demystifying Wealth – Article 1: Objective Aim, Actuals, Myth, Terms

It always stood in my fascination to understand wealth – wealth of individuals, communities, nations, and the fabric of what undoubtedly drives the whole world’s action. Well no, I guess – human’s action. Our earth does include plants, animals, trees, fundamental elements, and much more. We’re probably a fraction of the existence & not just the center-point of the entire universe.

Investor wealth jumps Rs 4.65 lakh crore as markets recover - The ...
Image Source: Economic times

A wild elephant, or a bird untouched by human thought – would work for money? Not really.

Philanthropy – my commitment and an obligation

Note: Half-baked article, 20 minute read (probably more, with citations)

Ever since the evolution of man-kind, it has been a traditional virtue and part of almost all of the cultures/ religious traditions to practice Altruism.

Efficacy of act’s of philanthropy has been a subject of my keen interest for a long time now. So digging little deep, in this blogpost

  1. What I have done?

    Well, nothing! All of what is below is negligible and trail/error.